Welcome to StentorDB!

StentorDB is a user-updatable database of information about the Stentor coeruleus genome sequence, determined at the University of California at San Francisco. StentorDB provides information on the genome, genes, and proteins of Stentor coeruleus based on analyses performed at UCSF, scientific literature published by the Stentor coeruleus research community, and other sources.

Please feel free to send comments, suggestions, or questions to us at ciliate-curator@bradley.edu

What's New!

Ciliate Research Video Released

Posted on 2017-02-17 by ciliate-curator

Stentor Genome Paper Published

Posted on 2017-02-09 by ciliate-curator

The article The Macronuclear Genome of Stentor coeruleus Reveals Tiny Introns in a Giant Cell by Slabodnick, et al. has been published in the February 20, 2017 edition of Current Biology. Congratulations to authors!

Welcome to StentorDB

Posted on 2013-07-19 by ciliate-curator

StentorDB has been loaded with genome and protein sequences for the ciliate Stentor coeruleus. The site offers BLAST and keyword searching, and a genome browser for custom sequence downloads. Data files are available under Resources > Genome Data at the top of the page. Please email us at ciliate-curator@bradley.edu with questions or comments about StentorDB.